Enterprise Mobility Solutions


RDA Labs has a platform that is scalable and strategic solutions that are built for the enterprise. While most mobile programs start with developing and application, requirements grow very quickly and enterprises may end up with huge numbers of applications that must be designed, developed, deployed, and managed across varying users, devices, operating systems and locations.

At RDA, we empower the enterprise to support a complete portfolio of apps across the entire software development lifecycle. Unlike native app development, the platform approach addresses enterprise mobility holistically. This means you do not have to worry about the deployed solutions no matter how your business and technology evolve in the future.



Behind every amazing mobile app is a well-aligned team of designers and developers. But finding the right collaborators isn’t easy. What if there is a place that could match app designers and developers, creating lasting relationships and making the process of building an app more fun and effective? Our application architects, and developers are at the forefront of the latest technologies, and have successfully created custom applications for many companies. Our solutions are built on enterprise-grade cloud platforms, and include ongoing maintenance and technical support. Create the apps that your business needs and your users want. Design smarter apps with us, to make your work easier and better.



We know that enterprise mobility is the name of the game and we need to be prepared with a powerful, flexible and cost-effective solution that lets you mobilize, integrate and automate business processes on any mobile platform. Backed by 25 years of experience in enabling enterprises to create and integrate apps, we can put together a powerful and flexible end-to-end enterprise-grade mobility solutions that lets IT deliver mobile application projects quickly, securely and cost effectively.


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